Become a LUMINEX partner

We are a Polish manufacturer of indoor lighting. For over fifty years, we have been creating lamps for customers who appreciate our design, reliable technical solutions, and durable materials
and build quality.

We recognize that we can only achieve the success of our company
in cooperation with you.

For our part, we offer:

  • modern, reliable and durable product,
  • attractive price,
  • good communication,
  • media support,
  • service support,
  • technological experience.

Contact us:
tel.: +48 509 905 959
tel.: +48 34 362 93 04
tel.: +48 34 366 66 44.


We invite you to use our photo database.

We provide access to a disk with photos of the entire current lamp offer. Photos are saved in .png format with the background cut out.

If you need a photo of the lamp in a different angle than it is in the base or you have technical questions, please contact us.

tel. 509 906 727

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